Hey, there! My name is Jaka and I do front-end web development and design.

I help companies and individuals with brand design, designing and building websites and mobile applications. You can find some of my design work on Dribbble. But the question remains, can I help you too?

Web project

Prevozki is a platform that combines different means of public transport.

Web project

LePotica is a potica bakery brand in Ljubljana. With the opening of a new boutique, it needed a website refresh.

Web app

Koljo.si is a web app with information about availability of bikes at bike-sharing stations BicikeLJ across Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Web app

Busko.si is a local application that predicts buses' arrivals. It also features schedules, scheme and more. It is intended for use in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Brand Identity
Spoiled Bird

Visual identity for a new hand made natural beauty cosmetics brand.